Medal Militia went above and beyond expectations. These guys know how to rock! Great showmanship with high quality sound and vocals. The crowd loved every minute of their Metallica tribute. It was a real pleasure having them perform at our venue! 

Pat Stafford

Co Owner, The Wormhole Music Venue  Savannah, GA.

Press Photos

Stage Requirements

Medal Militia brings our own In Ear Monitor system using a Behringer X-Air 18 with split snake. The guitar players both use Kemper and run direct and the bass player uses sansamp and also runs direct. Drummer has a 7 piece kit with a drumpad for intro music.

 We also bring two side fill banners that are 5 foot wide by 7 foot tall and a banner that is 6 foot tall by 9 foot wide. 

 We have two fog geysers we like to use when able as well. 

Sample Video